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By Kyle Evans

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Emotional Attachments

Would you throw away a family member?

Currently I have been exploring language in my practice. The word connotation was something I continued to mention as my practice became less dependant on the discourse. I became fascinated by the word itself and its meaning to have an emotional attachment to something and using that as your means to associate it to something else. The subliminal connotations of my work is environmental based, however I started to become obsessed with describing it as myself the artist having an emotional attachment to plastic. Emotional attachments to me, family came to mind, pets, or even sentimental items, so how could I combine these two worlds and allow my audience to share their emotional attachments with their own precious loved ones onto an inanimate object?

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A Quarantine Series, 2020


"Capsules" is a series of sculptures and compositions focusing explicitly on medicinal connotations using my medium of plastic bottle tops. As part of my current transitional ideologies of discourse in my practice I purposely moved away from having a direct and obvious political stance on environmental damage caused my the mediums I used. I had ideas to be more implicit which still is a large portion of my practice, however, while in quarantine I questioned whether by being less direct with one topical discussion, could I implement another. In this case, could I focus on the medium of plastic and how it corresponds to the world of medicine? Through colour connotations, symbols and bottle tops specifically designed for medicine. I wanted to explore whether an audience would understand this and share an emotional attachment to it through their own associations or would it be something personal to me as I have grew up with these objects around me.

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