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Don't be the Bully in the Playground

Updated: May 24, 2020

This piece is part of a current series whereby I consider the physicality of an individual plastic bottle top and see whether they have qualities of a person based on cliches, stereotypes, colours, markings and soon develop into how these can relate to voices.

In this scenario I have focused on these hairspray bottle tops having a speaker like head which spoke to me as someone being a loud mouth, having too much to say and from here implemented these qualities into a group of people in society known as bullies.

Bullies having nothing nice to say and using their words to make a person feel less than they are worth.

I do not feel as though this scenario would be successfully put across to my audience if I only had one bully - I believe it to be a lot more impactful with a group scenario.

The victim of the bullying I chose based on colour and connotations of yellow and white combining niceness and timidness making them an easy target - which is typically how bullies choose who to discriminate against

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